вторник, 14 января 2014 г.

One year without posts - was too busy with projects in plastic surgery, clinic management and investments into Brazil.
Recently I reviewed plastic surgery statistics for 2013, trends remain the same:
- people of all major (minors too) genders run away from aging  facelifting anything on their bodies and buying trendy anti-ageing proceduders: 31% increase in the US comparing to 2012;
- women still inject poisons into lips and foreheads: 15-20% increase globally in 2013;
- men pay more attention on anything happen on their faces: ...% increase for rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and facelift 
I seems plastic surgery in one of those, non-vital for human being activities, will remain grow during life long (just discovered) economic crisis.  People  will always buy bread and make facelifting... 

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