четверг, 18 ноября 2010 г.

The Second Revolution in breast enlargement

The 1st Revolution in breast enlargement was carried through by US cosmetic surgeons F. Gregow and T. Cronin who employed silicone implants filled with salt solution or silicone gel. The canonic technology of breast enlargement stayed the identical and only materials and varieties and sizes of implants change.

Nevertheless, implants were not as great as people wish and it’s not possible to reach desirable effects in 100% causes of breast enlargement procedure. The ground primarily not implants themselves, but diversity of cases why client want to increase breasts. For example, if breasts were lost after amputation because of cancer, implants can make the desirable shape, but on that point will be no touchable senses because implant is simply determined by touching. This is peculiarly dissatisfactory, regarding the fact that implants are viewed as a external tissue by your physical structure ( although with long-lasting warranty in respected clinics). According to many operating surgeons implants are required to replace for new in 13 -16 years.

The Second Revolution of breast enlargement occurred when system Brava Breast Enlarger, originated by American surgeon Roger Kuori was applied for preparation for breasts enlargement with personal fatty tissue (fat grafting).

Advantages of breast increase with own fat tissue (3D fat grafting):
- adipose tissue does not cause unhealthy responses in a breast, - adipose tissue is natural by touch,
- fatty tissue does not require replacement in the future.

I think the most perspective utilisation of this system is to restore amputated breasts because of cancer.
Let's consider differentiations between different methods of breast enlargement. Breast implants pluses :
- Proper for the majority of patients to increase and correct the form of breast;
- Effect reached quick;
- It is not essential to have some preoperative preparation.

Breast implants minuses
- Replacing in 13-16 years is requisite;
- Chance of complicatednesses, though not as large, but is present;
- Requirements for thickness of tissue;

3D fat grafting (breast enlargement with own fat) pluses

- No complications;
- Normal breast;
- Substitution in future is not required;
- Proper for all patient roles including those with cut off breasts;
- Realizable to use adipose tissue from liposuction areas.

3D fat grafting (breast enlargement with own fat) minuses
- Long-term preoperative preparation;
- Several procedures to produce.

As you can see, two methods of breast enlargement are not mutually exclusive, and can append each other. Also, combining of Brava Breast Enlarger and 3D fat grafting represents more opportunities to reach the best resultants in creation of a pretty breast. You can try such combination in Villa Medica clinics.