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Countries where plastic surgery is most demanded

I wanted to compare countries with the highest rate of plastic surgery operations per capita. For a first glance, it should be US, EU and Japan, as the most developed countries, with the highest income per capita. Plus, plastic surgery was invented in the US and this country should be somewhere on top. And this was true a couple of years ago, when the US, according to ISAPS Global Survey ranke 1st with 3,031,146 surgical and non surgical procedures in 2009.

Yet, nowadays we see incredible changes in this statistics with South Korea on top.

Top 5 plastic surgeries per capita
1USASouth Korea

Surprisingly, are 3 countries from South America on top 5, and only 2 from EU. Probably hot sun and blue sea i stimulate demand for plastic surgery procedures and operations in Brazil. I should check, at least Brazilian lifestyle and food. The most popular operations were Botox injection, Breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, or surgery of the eyelids.

move to Brazil

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